Operational Parameters - Creation of an Address Book

Operational Parameters - Creation of an Address Book


This article aims to describe the steps to follow for creating an address book.

The address book is accessible in the agent module and can contain:
  1. Entries/contacts (agent, team agent, queue, or external contact)
    1. These entries are manageable and added to the address book by a user with the administrator role and cannot be added or deleted by an agent.
    2. The contacts are visible in the "address book" tab when opened by the agent.
  1. The call history for the agent, automatically incremented with each call.
    1. This data is visible in the "history" tab when opened by the agent.
    2. The call history is only visible for calls made by an agent- this information cannot be viewed by another agent.

To create an address book

In the administration, go to the operational settings section and select the address book.

Proceed to create an address book as follows:

When the "Include coworkers" option is checked, a team member will be able to see, via the address book, the other members of the same team and transfer (blind or consult) the call.

If the "Destination is not restricted to the address book list" option is not checked, only the contacts in the address book or the records of an activity are available for dialing - making manual calls impossible.

Create the contacts linked to this address book.

Fill in the fields - examples below:

For an agent

For team agents

For a queue

For an external contact

The address books are configurable

At the general settings level

At the team level

At the agent level

In the incoming activity

In the outgoing activity

In these last 3 categories, it is possible to define several options:

  1. Append the specified address book to the current address book: allows merging a second address book with the one configured by default.
  2. Subtract the specified address book from the current address book: allows removing entries from another address book from the one configured by default.
  3. Replace the current address book with the specified address book: replaces the address book configured by default with another address book.

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