Synergy Installation Guide

Synergy Installation Guide

1.    Introduction 
CallScripter Synergy is an intuitive Agent Scripting application designed by contact centre specialists. The application guides your agents through complex interactions using a mechanism of conversational prompts and peripheral applications. Agents are able to view information such as customer history, company websites and geographical information, providing them with a complete picture of the customer and allowing them to guide the interaction to the optimum outcome. 

Synergy is not compatible with older version of the scripting tools but can be deployed aside CS4.2 with valid licences (with no additional cost) 

This article describes how to install synergy step by step. 

2.    Overview 
2.1  Install files 
Download Synergy package on: 
The install package contains the following folder: 
- NixxisControls: Controls developed by Nixxis 
- ToMerge: Nixxis library need for controls And the Callscripter Installer. 
Unlock the zip files and unzip it in the appropriate maintenance folder  

3.    Installation 
3.1  CallScripter Synergy
Run CallScripterInstaller.exe as Administrator 
And select Add New Instance then click Next, select Custom Install and click Next 

Enter the Name of the instance in the test field and click Next 

Install the required applications, when available click on the arrow to download the installer, and click Next 

3.2  Database 
Enter the information to connect to SQL Server with SQL Server Authentication mode, click Next, enter the Database Name and click Next 

Check if SQL server data folders are correct, click Next, set growth in MB for both files and click Next 

Set C:\Nixxis as installation folder and click Next 

3.3  Website 
Enter the name for the website and the host to bind if needed, click Next, set the port and click Next 

Set Callscripter Authentication mode to Forms Authentication, enter the SQL access for users, click Next, enter the name for the Application Pool and click Next

Enter culture that will be used and click Next 

3.4  Licences 
Enter your license key or browse to licence file, click Next, select client used for this instance, click Next and click Finish  

3.5  Processing 
The installer will install CallScripter synergy according your settings, this process takes between 5 to 15 minutes.  The basic installation is almost done. 

4.    Nixxis Modules  
4.1  Deploy files 
Copy the content of the ToMerge folder and merge it with the install folder

The ToMerge folder contains two folders and a SQL file. 
- wwwroot: Synergy website  
- Data: Synergy data folder 
- AdminUpdate.sql: the request to insert Synergy into the Nixxis Administration Interface 
Select Copy and Replace if asked  
4.2  Configuration 
Browse to the install folder, open wwwroot and edit web.config file. 

Add the following key in the appSettings section with the corresponding AppServer IP and Port  
      <add key="NixxisContextDataUri" value="http://{AppServer:Port}/data" />  
Open the IIS Management Console and restart both Application pool and Website

Open a browser (Google Chrome is recommended) and navigate to Synergy URL. 

Set the Admin password 

Select the Admin user in the left side menu. 

And assign to him Agent Desktop and Script Editor licences.  

In the Menu, open the Wrench section and select Plugins
Select Nixxis plugin, enter the AppServer URL as follow save the configuration and activate both Nixxis and 
Nixxis Controls Plugins 

4.3  Deploying Nixxis controls 
For each Controls in the Nixxis Control folder, open the Wrench section in the Menu and go to Controls

Click the import button and browser to the .exp file, then click Import
4.4  Add Synergy to Nixxis 
In order to make Synergy available in the Administration interface, open the AdminUpdate.sql SQL script. 
Replace [SynergyUrl:Port] by the Synergy host and port
Replace [username] by the username use to connect to synergy as an agent and [password] by the corresponding password
Then execute the request on the admin database corresponding to your Nixxis Instance

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